Mandatory e-Filing Rules Take Effect July 1st

Effective July 1st, 2016, the state law mandating e-filing for ALL Civil and Probate Cases went into effect. No walk-in filings can be processed after that date. New civil and probate cases can be filed at

In order to file a new case, you will need to choose an e-filing service provider (EFSP). There are a number of options, some free – some paid, that offer differing levels of service. Download a printable service provider comparison chart here.

The e-filing rules are not new. Shackelford County has been e-filing since April of 2015 as the law has been phased in over time, with the smaller (population) counties being implemented last. On July 1st, however, e-filing became mandatory for all Texas counties.

More information on Texas e-filing law is available here.

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