Probate Fee Schedule

Effective 7/1/2016 all new Civil and Probate Cases must be e-filed at the link below:

To begin, you will need to choose an e-filing service provider (EFSP). There are both free and paid options according to the services you need. Click here for a printable service provider comparison table.

Filing Fees
Probate of Will – Letters Testamentary, Administration, Guardianship 354.00
Probate of Will – Muniment of Title 354.00
Small Estate 262.00
Small Estate with Citation + Posting 350.00
Testamentary, Guardianship, Administration 2.00
Filing Fee After 4 Month
Applications, Inventories, Guardian’s Annual Report, Guardian’s Annual Accounting, Final Accounting, etc. 25.00
Orders 25.00
Judge’s Signature 2.00
Posting 80.00
Personal 80.00
Certified Copies (Per Page) 1.00
Certification from the Clerk 5.00
Authentication 10.00
Claims 12.00
Adverse Action 125.00
Foreign Wills 262.00
Foreign Wills Citation & Sheriff’s Fee 350.00